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ComputerLINK is a small and exciting company with really great people working hard to bring you the best quality computer systems and services.

Founded in April of 1992, in Berkeley, California. ComputerLINK provides high-quality, high-performance customized AMD and Intel rackmount servers, blade servers, department servers, workstations and RAID subsystems designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Since our inception, we have continued to improve ourselves to better serve our clients. We believe that consistent quality, superior performance and outstanding customer service are the keys to our success.

Why Us?

ComputerLINK means reliability! We are dedicated to designing and producing systems that combine the best components with the reliability and price performance. We sell them to businesses from startups to fortune 500 enterprises that demand reliability.

ComputerLINK knows how! We have the best trained technicians in the industry and we have been working hard to bring our customers the best, fully tested systems. We have never put our customers on the testing bench and never put their investment at risk.

100% Customization! We know the value of listening to our customers. We work with them to develop system solutions that fit their business, networks and budgets. This also helps us to improve the design and performance of our systems and develop new products and services. Most importantly, by listening, we instill in our customers confidence that ComputerLINK systems will help them get the job done.

ComputerLINK is the best choice! ComputerLINK means quality, reliability, price performance, and the best choice.

Our Pledge

By providing high quality products and superior services, ComputerLINK is committed to serving our customers. Each ComputerLINK employees is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, with defect-free products and services, delivered on time, every time.

Contacting ComputerLINK

1251 Park Ave.
Emeryville, CA 94608

Telephone: 510-652-8283
Toll Free: 877-652-8283
Fax: 510-652-8234


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Berkeley -Drive south of San Pablo Ave., turn right onto Park Ave. OR Drive south of Hollis Street, and turn left onto Park Ave.

San Francisco - Take highway 80 after driving across the bay bridge, take Powell Street exit, turn right onto Powell Street, drive toward the hill, turn right onto Hollis Street, and then turn left onto Park Ave.

South 880 - Take 7th Street exit, turn right onto W. Grand Ave., turn left onto Mandela Parkway, turn immediately right onto Peralta Street, turn left onto Hollis Street, and finally turn right onto Park Ave.

East 580 - Take San Pablo Ave. exit, turn right onto San Pablo Ave., turn left onto Park Ave.

East 80 - Take Powell Street exit, turn left onto Powell Street through underpass, drive toward the hill, turn right onto Hollis Street, and then turn left onto Park Ave.